New Single "FOLLOW" - Listen To It NOW!


I am ARDENITE, a Cyber Pop Rock Artist from Vienna, Austria!

What can you expect from ARDENITE?
Pink-turquoise Cyberpunk aesthetics, surprising new sounds, and the deep mezzo-soprano signature voice of Wana combined with extreme vocals. My emotional lyrics aim to establish a direct heart-to-heart connection - disarming through vulnerability & empowering through honesty!
My goal is to unite as many people & hearts as possible around the globe through my music! I invite everyone to take part in this journey, by doing Instagram story vlogs & actively interacting with our growing community of ARDENITEs! I believe that there is enough success for everybody and aim to inspire and motivate many others to follow their dreams!

The New Single "FOLLOW" Listen To It Now!


"Follow" is an unapologetic and empowering anthem about personal boundaries, self-respect, and standing up for oneself.
This track speaks volume to those who have been through betrayals and have bounced back stronger, guarding their space fiercely against those who don’t deserve to be in it
So, follow the movement and let your authenticity shine!

My New Self-Titled Single "ARDENITE" Listen To It Now!


ARDENITE’s self-titled single is a powerful anthem of unity, community, and support. With a message of togetherness and overcoming challenges, this track resonates with a wide audience.
I believe it would be a perfect fit for playlists that celebrate unity, motivation, and positive vibes.
I dedicate this Rock Anthem of unity, positive vibes and inspiration to our incredible ARDENITE Community!
Help me share the ARDENITE philosophy with the world!

New Collab "Darkest Hour" Watch It Now!

Darkest Hour

"Darkest Hour" a relentless industrial masterpiece & sonic voyage through the dystopian world of cyberpunk, featuring unforgiving harsh vocals & vengeful lyrics. If you crave the dark and edgy, this is your anthem.
If you’re a curator seeking the boldest and most cutting-edge industrial sounds for your playlist, "Darkest Hour" demands your attention.
It’s not just a song, but a visceral experience transporting your audience to the heart of a cyberpunk revolution.
Darkest Hour

New Single "FOLLOW" Watch It Now!

You're The One I Want

ARDENITE & VALKIRIA Synth bring you "You’re The One I Want"! This song is a must-have for every Pop, Dance, Party, and Workout/Fitness Playlist!
With its pulsating beats and catchy melodies, "You’re The One I Want" captures the essence of a carefree summer filled with love and excitement. It will transport you to the era of 80s nostalgia, while keeping you in the present moment.
If you enjoy songs like Lady Gaga’s "Just Dance" or "Bad Romance", Dua Lipa’s "Levitating", or Cascada’s "Everytime We Touch", then "You’re The One I Want" is right up your alley.
So get ready to immerse yourself in a world of joy, love, and energetic vibes. Enjoy the song and let it be the soundtrack of your unforgettable summer moments! ❤️
You're The One I Want

An Empowering Anthem of Growth and Freedom!

Don't Wanna Stay Friends

The refreshing take on breakups, make it an anthem for anyone who’s ever felt trapped in an unfulfilling relationship. while navigating conflicts with unfair and ignorant people around them.
With its Avril Lavigne style infectious chorus & raw lyrics, this song is a celebration of growth & self-discovery for anyone who’s ready to move on.
Turn up the volume, sing along, & embrace the freedom of a happy breakup!
Official Music Video out on my Youtube channel @ARDENITE on Valentine’s Day 2023!
Don't Wanna Stay Friends

Push your self-confidence and muster up the courage to Stand Up for Yourself!

You’re So Dumb

"You’re So Dumb" portrays the inner world of somebody, who’s had enough of being the nice person, while navigating conflicts with unfair and ignorant people around them.
A song for those fed up with staying nice & small, keeping their mouths shut for the sake of peace & harmony.
Take in the badass vibe of the song to push your self-confidence and muster up the courage to Stand Up for Yourself!
You’re So Dumb

The harsh reality of mental health issues


An Anthem of Vulnerability and Courage! - “When I was a teen, I thought about killing myself, a lot. The thoughts in my head, of not belonging and never being enough, no matter what I did, were almost unbearable. I wrote this song as the embrace I needed to feel back then. Hope this helps somebody out there. You are not alone.” (Wana White, singer of ARDENITE)
Diamond” is a collaboration between the Uruguayan Lo-Fi Producer Claudia Blackstar and the Cyber Pop Rock Band ARDENITE from Vienna, Austria. While each of us faces our own demons on a daily basis, “Diamond” aims to reach through to the listener's heart. The soothing Lo-Fi beats combined with the heartfelt singing convey a sense of reassurance and relief.
The band invites their listeners to share this song with anyone dealing with the harsh reality of mental health issues. Together we can break the silence and the barriers between us!

A song as a form of protest and contribution!

Wake Up

With everything that is going on in the world right now, I felt like it was my duty to write this song as a form of protest and contribution! I stand with all of the ones who are suffering right now, because of decisions they didn't make themselves, yet still have to bear the horrible consequences! I see you and I feel your pain! You are not alone and what is happening is not ok!
Right now more than ever we should stand united like the brothers and sisters that we are! Right now more than ever we need each other to face the challenges lying ahead of us!
Wake Up

I enjoy surprising you!

Flowers Don´t Care

Flowers Don't Care may seem like --- and probably is --- your new favourite summer party song! However this is just the bitter sweet package (which hopefully compels you to dance!) of its deeper meaning about life, death and dealing with the loss of a close soul.
Bittersweet, addictive and liberating all at once! What more could one ask for?
Flowers Don´t Care

An explosion of emotions


Backstabber emerged in an explosion of emotions, caused by the betrayal of a very close person. As an anthem to the broken hearted, the dominant emotions of the single are rage and anger!
These are noticeable in the chorus and the ironically intonated rap parts.
The protagonist of the song however also struggles with feelings of helplessness & sorrow, while processing the void of an ending relationship.

I want to meet YOU !


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Oana Moraru
Vienna, Austria


+43 699 150 28996


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